In 2005 Stilelibero created the very first Cork Yoga Mat in the world, which has been selling online and offline for quite a few years. Since than time we’ve made a lot of friends from all over the world, and made our customers very happy. Please don’t take our word for it, just read some of the comments from our customers below. If you have bought a mat, feel free to email us your feedback and any photos of you using the mat, we could post them on our testimonials and our photo gallery if you like.  It would be very much appreciated!


Customers Feedback


“I finally got the mat and i have to say already, without even practicing on it, it is worth every penny!!  It’s beautiful!  Brava!! Seriously… The whole opening experience was nice too : ) it feels like i’m practicing on a work of art!

Thank you!”

Joe London, UK

“I bought a cork mat – the new version with the non-synthetic baking. I adore it. I love it so much – it is like working on skin to skin. It is warm and inviting. It is a joy to lie on and smells beautiful. Thank you for your product. Lila, my friend who also bought one, feels the same.”

With much love”

Annabelle Tame, London

“The mat is fantastic! its a different feeing on it and i really enjoy it. (my roommate is so jealous that she will problably buy her own…)”

Eva Weinmann, Germany

“I love the mat I am enjoying practicing on it although it doesn’t make kapotasana any easier!!
I have just painted my yoga room yellow so it is all very luxurious now, and that’s how the mat feels – very luxurious. The only very very small criticism is that it is not quite wide enough for the twists in intermediate but that it not a big deal at all. I love it.”

Tracy West, Birmingham

“I found out from some of my yoga friends in Norway who are using your mat. I have tried it, and it is wonderful! Such a natural feeling.”

Lone Ramdhal Pettersen, Norway

“Hey, ­thanks for a long and informative mail, :) Of course I know the product is handmade & exclusive, and like you say, no wonder nobody made one before, because I think you gotta be either an idealist , or a designer with a mission, its a lot of work, and minimal profit.

When I tried it this morning I was very happy to feel that i liked it better than my new Manduka, it feels very natural, the Rolls Royce of yogamats… Only did sunsalutations today, but I am already looking forward to use it next full yogapass.

I am sure that the market is there, after all it is not expensive compared to other stuff, its just that yoga people are used to paying nothing, for cheap mats, which dont last, dont feel good, and pollute the envionrnment… So im convinced that the product has its right to live and be succsessful, in Norway it shouldnt be a problem, people have enough money. About the mat, I love it!”

Erik Sand, Norway

We can definitely appreciate the fact that you are a small business, and generally we are trying to buy local, but your products appealed so much to us. We do, however, love your yoga rugs and yoga bags as well. We are flooring our new studio with cork and love the sustainable nature of it. The idea of a cork mat is so great- and PVC free!

Take care,”

Nicole Huish, USA

“Hi there,

I bought a cork mat last year and it’s been so admired that I want another two. Do you still have both styles?”

Mandy Wilson, UK

“Hi, I just received the mat . It’s really is beautiful . My mother will be very impressed with her new mat.

Thank you very much.”

Deston Le Roux

“Hi, The cork yoga mat has arrived. I have practiced on it for a week and have given it to several other teachers to try out. For me the mat is a little luxury that means a whole lot. I really dig it! It smells nice and feels natural and supportive. Your creativity and ingenuity is appreciated. Thanks again.

Kind wishes.”

Peter Botero, USA

“I’m not sure of to whom I should be addressing this to, but I am writing to say how pleased I am with my recently purchased cork yoga mat. I attended the recent Yoga Show at Earls court and I recall you saying that you would like to hear from me after having tried the mat out so here it is. I have had a couple months now of astanga practice on this cork mat and I am more than happy with it. Its smooth enough to allow be drag my feet through on jump backs and jump throughs, yet grips when you need it to in down dog.

On my travels to different workshops around London and during a 2 week stay in New York where I practised at ‘Yoga Sutra’, opposite the New York Public Library in mid-town, the mat has attracted positive attention from fellow practitioners and even instructors too. When asked where I purchased it from I’m invariably greeted with a countenance resembling a cross between a frown and perplexion when I reply – ‘Well actually I got it from the Yoga Show in London but you can get from a web-site called Stilelibero’ which I no doubt mis-pronounce. On these numerous occasions, I always thought to myself how useful it would have been to have some ‘Stilelibero’ printed cards which I could distribute on your behalf. So if you have some with with details of the web-site I would be more that happy to be promote your one of a kind cork mat.

Yours faithfully.”

Paul Yeboah