The Original Cork Yoga Mat


Ideal for Yoga

Cork is a unique sustainable natural resource – it is renewable and biodegradable.  Cork is the most suitable material for yoga practices thanks to its unique properties: it’s organic, durable, eco-friendly, lightweight, anti-bacterial, anti-static, shock absorbing and rot resistant. It is also waterproof yet breathable, just like human skin.

It is ideal for yoga practice as it provides a natural feel on the skin and a much greater grip and cushioning than most yoga mats, absorbing pressure rather than displacing it.

Cork breathes well, repels moisture, is naturally hypo-allergenic, suitable for a wide range of yoga styles and levels, even with the most dynamic types of yoga such Vinyasa Flow, Astanga, Bikram and Power Yoga styles during which a lot of sweating occurs, still providing a great foundation and outstanding grip thanks to its smooth suede feel.

It is very easy to clean: simply wipe it with a damp towel and some mild soap to get rid of any dirt and grease, it will not absorb water so it will dry very fast.

It’s non-allergenic, unlike latex, it won’t create any allergic reactions.  Our Cork Yoga Mats are incredibly durable and with proper care, they will last for many years of regular practice.

Cork Facts

  • Cork forests prevent soil erosion maintaining water resources.
  • Cork provides a necessary source of income for thousands of people.
  • Durable, high density surface is resistant to wear
  • Slip resistant and lightweight
  • Impermeable to liquids
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal
  • Fire resistant and anti-static
  • Organic, sustainable and eco-friendly

Our high quality cork comes from renewable resources from oak trees harvested in South Italy, which the European Union has committed to grow with the use of grants.  The planting of cork trees prevents soil erosion and provides a habitat for raising animals like sheep, pigs and goats.  In addition, cork trees are considered national treasures and are regulated by the government.  The first stripping of the cork bark occurs approximately 20 years after a sapling is planted.  They are harvested in the summer, every 9-12 years, after they reach 25 centimetres in diameter.  The harvesting of a cork oak is a very delicate operation and it requires very skilled labour, during which the bark is carefully peeled away from the main trunk causing no harm to the tree.  All the work is done by hand with no waste of the bark.  The trees are never cut down.  Great care is taken not to damage the skin-like membrane that provides the nourishment for the tree.  The harvesting of cork happens periodically every 10 to 12 years, during which the trees can regenerate and flourish stronger and healthier.

Oak trees can live up to 200 years of age.

There is a significant difference between the first harvest and the ones that follow.  The virgin cork is rough, crumbly and can only be used for corkboard, thermal and sound insulation, cork soles etc. By the third harvest the cork bark is smooth and flexible, which is the best quality type.  Stilelibero only uses premium quality bark to produce the original Cork Yoga Mats and it continues to research this unique material for further product development.

The natural variations in shading and individual markings of our cork products are an inherent part of the cork material therefore each product is unique.  Stilelibero is committed to provide ecofriendly, beautiful, functional products that will last and that will make your yoga practice more comfortable and enjoyable.

CYM specifications and composition

Approximate dimensions and weight: 64 cm x 184 cm, 6 mm thick, 1.500 kg

We combine our natural cork material with TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer), an ecofriendly, manmade, recyclable material which provides superior cushioning and comfort during asana practice. Originally we wanted to use 100% natural rubber from rubber trees, however our research suggested that the rubber curing process can be highly polluting and natural rubber can trigger an allergic reaction in some people.  In addition, natural latex weighs more than eco-friendly manmade materials and gives off an unpleasant odour.


We also sell completely organic alternatives such as the traditional Mysore Style cotton yoga rugs and the our brand new limited edition Cork Yoga Rugs which are made of a very thin layer of cork fabric to provide great grip and natural protection from bacteria during and after your yoga practice.  They are designed to cover yoga studio PVC and rubber mats and they can be used on carpets but not on slippery surfaces.

New Limited Edition Cork Products

Following the success of the original cork mat and requests from our clients, we have produced a new limited edition range of beautiful Printed Cork Yoga Mats, Cork Yoga Rugs, Cork Yoga Bags, Cork Meditation Mats and Cork Carry Mat Straps.